Living with an unorganized closet can be a challenge. Do you feel like you are on a treasure hunt when looking for an item? Let’s talk about Pretty Neat: An Organizational Solution and Closet Organizer Services in Oklahoma City. We’re diving into ideas on decluttering and transforming your space into an organized space. Say goodbye to chaots and hello to a personalized, tidy space. An organized closet will make you feel calm and excited about your wardrobe, instead of stressed. Whether you’re channeling your inner Marie Kondo or just desperately seeking a way to find your favorite pair of jeans, these closet organizer tips (if you are a DIYer) are a game-changer. From maximizing space to creating a Pinterest-worthy wardrobe setup, let’s explore how you can unlock the hidden potential of your closet space right here in Oklahoma City, Ok. 

Why Your Closet Needs a Makeover-Taming the Chaos.

Closet Organizer Services

Let’s get real about why your closet is screaming for a makeover. If things are too cramped or there is no order and you can’t find your favorite jeans or hoodie, then it is time for a revamp of your closet. Here are some recommendations:  Go through each piece of clothing and decide- Do I like this still? Does it fit? Is it still in good condition? Answering these questions will help you decide what should stay and what should go. Decluttering will create space for the things that you love and, most of all, it will create room for organization and simplicity. A neat and tidy space creates less stress and more efficiency when you are getting ready in the morning. 

Transforming Your Closet Spaces From Chaos to Calm

Closet Organizer Services

Clutter and disorganization can add to anxiety, depression, overwhelm and generally make our lives more difficult. We encourage you to spend time getting organized or get help if you cannot do it alone.  Once you have decluttered, here are some more tips for you to continue on your organization journey. Matching hangers help pull everything together; Use bins and baskets that can contain your things but also speak to your needs. When putting clothes back into the closet, group like things together so it makes sense for your style and your function. Group short sleeves together, long sleeves, and so on. Take one step at a time and we encourage you to keep working towards calming the chaos in your closets. 

Tailoring Your Closet to Fit Your Lifestyle

Your closet isn’t just a storage space; it’s a reflection of your unique lifestyle. If you have tried all these tips and your closet still is not working for you, then you might try custom closet organizing solutions to help your style shine through. Custom shelves and spaces can go a long way to improve your closet situation and your overall organization. It can be customized to fit your every need. Say goodbye to generic setups and hello to a closet that’s as unique and styled as you are!


Here at Pretty Neat: An Organizational Solution, we encourage our clients to strive for life transforming changes in your home organization projects, including your closets. If you’ve ever felt like your closet needs help but don’t know where to start or you can’t do it physically on your own, we are here to help. We offer Closet Organizer Services in Oklahoma City. We will take you step by step through the organizing process to help you have a functional space. No matter the space, we strive to meet your organizing goals.  Contact us here to get started.

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