Custom Shelves & Custom Closets

For that extra special touch and high-end, look, there is custom shelves and closets. These are the perfect fit for your space and your needs.


Hourly Packages (1 hr per Organizer on site)

Measuring and Design- Min 3 Hr

3 in-home hours $225
6 in-home hours $436    (Save 3%)
12 in-home hours $855    (Save 5%)
24 in-home hours $1656   (Save 8%)
36 in-home hours $2430   (Save 10%)
48 in-home hours $3060   (Save 15%)
60 in-home hours $3600   (Save 20%)


What clients are saying...

Audra George, the owner of Pretty Neat, provides a very professional and thoughtful approach to her efforts, while staying focused on her client's needs and wishes. Not only did she help organize a guest bedroom into a workable home office, she also worked with the Container Store on my behalf to "space plan" the best locations for shelves, desk, file cabinet, etc. I would 100% recommend her for all of your organizational and space planning needs.

A whole new concept meeting a need that I’ve never seen met before! Done with genuine care and quality! Top notch.