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Did you know that a cluttered work environment creates difficulty getting things done?

It does! A cluttered and chaotic work space creates:

  • Added stress
  • Decreases focus
  • Increases mental overwhelm
  • Lowers overall efficiency and productivity

Let our team help you get your office in order!

Hourly Packages (1 hr per Organizer on site)


In-Home hours Include:

  • 1-5 Caring Organizer(s) from the Pretty Neat Team
  • Project Planning
  • Shopping as needed for organization supplies
  • Donations taken one/session of items you no longer need

Custom Packages Available*

Bronze16 hrs – $1150 (save $50)
Silver40 hrs – $2800 (save $200)
Gold60 hrs – $4100 (save $400)
Platinum72 hrs – $4750 (save$650)

Want help with maintenance too?

  • Monthly subscriptions are available.
  • You choose a frequency that fits your needs.
  • We maintain your space for you so you don’t have to.

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Here’s what clients have to say…

I was blown away by everything Audra accomplished in such a short amount of time. I hired her to organize my office and she did phenomenal job. I was embarrassed at first because it was such a mess, but she was very understanding and never made me feel bad about it. She was warm attentive, effective and incredibly knowledgeable on everything that takes to successfully organize a space. She gave me wonderful tips throughout our time together to ensure the organization was sustained and easy to navigate. I am so happy with her services and I will definitely use her again!!!

Audra is amazing at what she does!!! So fun to work with! Don’t be nervous about letting her in your space! No judging eyes here. I love that she is all about making your space functional instead of focusing on it being perfect! I mean, really, who could keep it “Perfect” all the time?! Functional is perfectioN! Thank you Audra for making my space so clean, organized! My mind feels so much more clear and relaxed when I walk in !