With Valentine’s Day and Random Acts of Kindness Day both falling in the same month, February is often referred to as the month of love. And while there are many different loves to celebrate, the love of your community is the one I want to share with you today.

As a professional organizer, my team and I have the privilege of helping our clients streamline their homes and conquer chaos. Often once we have completed a space, there are many items that clients no longer need or have a use for. Instead of simply discarding those items to the local landfill, we do our research so that any gently used items can be instead donated to charities or other local organizations.

3 Reasons Why You Should Donate

1. You help others with their basic needs

Clothing and food are among humankind’s basic needs. By donating, you fulfill those needs & help others less fortunate.

2. You give others hope

Marie Kondo said that you must throw away the things that don’t spark joy. I say give those things away to spark joy in others. 

If there’s one key takeaway in every donation story, it’s that donating gives others hope. Whether it’s hope to start anew or hope to persevere.

3. Donating is great for your mental health

Imagine the smiles you can cause. Imagine the “thank you’s” you can hear. Feels good, right?

Donating doesn’t just make others happy, it makes you happy as well. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a win-win situation. 
Plus, clutter has many negative effects. Hence, getting rid of it puts your mind at ease.

Top 5 Places to Donate in Oklahoma City

  1. City Rescue Mission 

2. Jesus House 

3. OKCity Crisis Nursery 

4. Salvation Army

5. Goodwill

The below organizations all have wonderful purposes and truly make a huge impact on our local OKC community. We also listed below are specific needs each organization has to make it a little easier to decide where to take your unwanted items.

City Rescue Mission

City Rescue Mission is a faith-based organization. It has been helping people in Oklahoma City for over 60 years. 

In particular, the organization offers a safe, clean, and temporary place for people to stay at. City Rescue Mission also helps people through job training and educational programs. 

As of writing, City Rescue Mission accepts the following items:

  • Clothes
  • Food 
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Infant supplies
  • Personal protective equipment

Jesus House

Jesus House is another faith-based organization based in Oklahoma City. Established 48 years ago, Jesus House helps people who need food, clothing, shelter, and spiritual encouragement.

The organization also offers a free recovery program for people suffering from substance abuse. This program includes helping people prosper spiritually, financially, emotionally, and socially.

As of now, Jesus House accepts the following:

  • Clothes
  • Food 
  • Household items (e.g. pots, pans)

OKCity Crisis Nursery

OKCity Crisis Nursery offers emergency care for children in times of crisis. There are never any fees for families to utilize the nursery. OKCity Crisis Nursery helps to prevent children from being exposed to violence, stressful situations, unfit (or last minute) caregivers, or any other circumstances that can lead to child abuse and neglect.   ​

In addition to caring for children, they also equip families with necessities during emergency situations

OKCity Crisis Nursery accepts the following:

  • Diapers (size 3,5, and 6)
  • Wipes
  • Car Seats (all types)
  • Bottles
  • Formula
  • Bedding
  • Household Items

Salvation Army

Salvation Army is another global organization helping millions of people. It operates thrift stores and shelters for homeless people. The Salvation Army also provides disaster relief and humanitarian aid.

The items you donate are usually sold at Salvation Army thrift stores. The proceeds are then used to fund adult rehabilitation centers. 

Salvation Army accepts the following:

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Household Goods


Goodwill has many locations and is a global non-profit organization that has been around for 119 years. It provides job training, job placement, and other community-based programs for people having difficulties getting jobs. 

Interestingly, Goodwill is funded by a huge network of retail thrift stores that serve as non-profit stops as well.

Goodwill accepts the following:

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Furniture

The Bottomline

Donating unused items is so fulfilling, and I can promise you’ll never regret it. We are proud to not only serve our clients, but also the local OKC community. 
If you don’t have time to go through your unused items and need someone to do it for you, we can help! We can haul away and take care of your donations as well. Check out our service page for more details!