Let’s discuss how to transform your workspace into a productivity haven right here in Oklahoma City, Ok. We all spend a significant chunk of our lives working, so why not make our spaces organized, functional, and look good too? Picture this: a desk that’s not just a chaotic mess of papers, but a serene and organized haven that sparks creativity. Enter Pretty Neat. We’re talking about more than just rearranging furniture; it’s about creating an environment that fosters focus and inspiration. A clean and organized space that eliminates mental overwhelm and makes it easier to focus on work. So, whether you’re hustling from home or navigating the corporate landscape, let’s turn our workspaces into places that reflect these ideas. After all, a tidy desk might just be the secret sauce to unleashing your full potential!

Creating Calm In Your Workspace

Transform Your Workspace

Tackling the clutter and transforming your workspace into a total game-changer! Imagine a desk where you don’t have to play detective to find the important items buried under all the other papers and work tasks; where everything has a home and you know where to find it. Here’s some practical solutions.

  1. Start by sorting and getting rid of unnecessary items that are not serving you well.
  2. Find a functional home that makes sense for the items that you use on a regular basis.
  3. Maintain space and on a regualr basis so you have what you need each day.

Make Your Desk Uniquely Yours

To make your workspace uniquely yours, add touches of your favorite colors, textures, and decor that make it more enjoyable and comfy. Use organization bins and baskets that match your style and keep you organized. Find a supportive chair, a desk big enough to accomplish work tasks, and have a clear space so you have room to be productive. Including these items in your workspace will make you feel more at home and relaxed while you work. 

Productivity Redefined

Transform Your Workspace

Kick those old-school ideas of productivity to the curb and embrace productivity redefine, Oklahoma style! A break here and there can better keep you on task, help imporve productivity, and create a more enjoyable atmosphere while working. Here’s some ideas:

  1. Create a plan of work tasks and priorities each day to keep you focused.
  2. Set a timer for each task to give you a deadline and keep you on task.
  3. Take breaks during your workday with a quick stroll, a meal, or trip to the gym.


To improve your workplace environement, organization, and productivity, bid farewell to the chaos and declutter. Add your favorite touches of color, texture, and decor and let your workspace feel like home. And learn to take a healthy break now and then to boost productivity. If you need an office makeover but are not sure where to start, contact us here!

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See you soon.