Tips to Simplify

Simplifying your home and your life can create an atmosphere that is less stressful. A chaotic environment makes it difficult to relax and unwind. Making a few changes can really make a big difference in your home. Here are some ideas to get started.

Get rid of things you longer need

  • Yes, this is a must and a really important step in simplifying!
  • This creates more space in your home for things that you use and love the most.
  • No amount of containers and organizational systems can help keep you organized if you have too much to manage.
  • Many procrastinate and dread this decluttering stage. Here are a few starting points.
  1. Take one room at a time.
  2. Start with the easy decisions first.  What is trash? What do you know for sure you no longer use?
  3. This is a really great place to get help from a trusted friend or professional if  have trouble doing this on your own. If you are stuck, get help!

Pay attention to what you bring into your home

  • This will prevent adding to the clutter
  • Papers clutter is very much a problem for most people. Go through the mail at the door immediately. This just takes a min or two and makes an impact on paper clutter. Then, set up a system that works for you so you have a “home” for important papers.
  • Start being considerate before buying new items. Do you have something else that can perform the same task? Do you have a spot for it in your home?Less things brought into your home, is less to manage.

      Share the responsibility of keeping the home clean and organized

        • Many times one person is doing all the work and having all the stress with the home upkeep; they are usually overwhelmed and cannot keep up.
        • Everyone in the family should play a roll, know where things go, and help!
        • Age appropriate tasks for kids to complete each week are great to let them help.

        De-clutter your calendar

        • Many of us are in the habit of being constantly scheduled; if we are burned out and stressed with just completing our schedule, how are we actually going to enjoy it or complete things with success.
        • Prioritize your goals and then see if your schedule reflects this.
        • Having items placed on a calendar really allows you to see your schedule and if you have given enough time to complete it.
        • Having blank space in our calendars can really create more time to focus on the most important things in your day. It also allows wiggle room when things don't go as planned.


        I hope these tips give you some ideas of how to simplify. Overwhelmed still? Pick one idea and work on that. 



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