If you’ve ever considered hiring a Profesional Organizer, you probably have some questions. Like, “will I have to get rid of everything?” or “will I be judged by my space?”. It can be intimidating hiring a total stranger, inviting them into your home, and letting them touch your stuff.

But it’s not as scary as it sounds, and to provide reassurance and comfort we have collected the top questions we get asked all the time by clients and compiled them into this brand new blog. 

Professional Organizer FAQs

Why should I hire a Professional Organizer?

I am a firm believer in outsourcing things that I don’t have time to do, or simply don’t know how to do. For instance, having the oil in my car changed, highlighting my hair, or even taxes and getting my house cleaned. Sure, these are all things that I could do myself if I wanted to invest my time learning, but time is a currency and I would rather spend it on things that I enjoy doing or the things that only I can do.

The same holds true for organizing your home. You could absolutely declutter and organize your space all on your own, but hiring a pro not only gives you time back, but we know strategizes and methods to not only get you organized but keep you organized. If you feel like you are constantly looking for things, waste money replacing missing items, embarrassed to have people over, or feel stressed out by all the clutter, then you can benefit from hiring a Professional Organizer.

Will you make me get rid of all my stuff?

Definitely not! We will never force you to get rid of anything you don’t want to. Your items are yours and we will respect your decisions about what to keep, toss, or donate. We are simply there to support you and gently challenge you about your items. We’ll sort and categorize your items so it’s easy to make decisions about what is staying and what is going. 

Do I need to clean up before you arrive?

Please don’t. It will be tempting to tidy before we arrive but I assure you it is not necessary. It’s very helpful for us to see the natural state of your space so we can effectively strategize ways to organize your space and help keep it that way.

Is our work confidential?

100%! Your privacy is very important to us and we adhere to the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO) Code of Ethics. We never judge you or your space and never ask you to reveal sensitive information. All client details are kept strictly confidential.

Do I work with you, or do you work alone?

This is totally up to you. We have some clients that like to be involved, while others aren’t even at home while we organize. Whatever makes you most comfortable and works for your needs.

Do I need to buy organizing products? 

While organizing products can definitely be beneficial to help you maintain order, it is not required. It all depends on how you want your space to look, and your budget. We will recommend certain products for your space, and if you would like to move forward we will handle procuring them. The price of organizing products are at the responsibility of the client and not included in the price of a session.

How long will it take?

Our team of organizers are efficient and productive. How fast things progress depends primarily on how quickly you can make decisions about your stuff. Getting organized is a process and our visits are more like working with a personal trainer than a stressful one-time workout. Most clients have us back on a semi-regular basis to maintain or to catch back up. 

Can you help me with my move?

We sure can! Moving is stressful but we can help you declutter your existing home, coordinate with movers to get you packed, and unpack and organize your new home. Find out more here.

Do you offer gift certificates so I can buy one for a friend or family member?

Yes, we just ask that you be sure it’s really a gift they will enjoy. Organizing sessions will only be productive if the client is receptive, motivated, and ready to get organized.

How do I get started?

To begin the process you can book a free consultation so we can learn more about your space and goals by clicking here.