Home Office Makeover

We are so excited to finally reveal the home office makeover we had the privilege of being a part of. With the help of Counselor magazine, we got to transform a very deserving local business owner’s home office from chaos to calm.

If you are a business owner working out of your home and need to give your own office a little TLC be sure to keep on reading for inspiration and product recommendations.

Meet Meghan McGee

Meghan is the owner of JaxTaylor Design, a local Oklahoma business, which creates promotional materials for organizations and schools. Working from home, Meghan found she wasn’t efficient in her workspace and was ready to make a change.

After entering Counselor’s Home Office Makeover Contest, and winning, we were approached by the magazine to transform Meghan’s dysfunctional office.

The Home Office Transformation

After meeting Meghan we took time to ask her what was currently working and not working in her space, as well as what she needed in order to work most effectively. Because her business largely deals with promotional materials, lots of storage space was a must!

Once we had an idea of what Meghan’s vision for her space was, our team took measurements of the office & closet and off to The Container Store we went.

Since Meghan needed lots of storage a custom closet was high on the priority list. With the help of The Container Store team, we created a unique Elfa closet design perfect to meet her needs.

With the closet design created, and products selected our Pretty Neat team cleaned out Meghan’s entire office and demolished the closet. Since this business owner couldn’t be without a workspace, we temporally created an area where Meghan could continue her work during the renovation process.

After the Elfa systems were installed we were able to use each of the drawers to categorize and store all of Meghan’s supplies ensuring everything had a designated home. Right down to the rhinestones.

We included a file cart to keep all of Meghan’s clients’ information together rather than on her new Elfa desk in piles. Our favorite Water Hyacinth Storage Bins with labeled bin clips added a touch of style and kept items organized but hidden away.

Last but certainly not least we used a calendar board and dry erase board to create a command center to keep Meghan’s day to day operations organized. She can list out any important events or dates she needs to remember with a quick glance.

If you would like to read the full article on the office makeover you can read it here.

Home Office Tips

We loved helping Meghan get her home office organized and streamlined and we would love to help you too! Below are a few tips to help you organize your own home office.

  1. Keep your desk clear by having a designated file box for all paperwork.
  2. Have a shredder nearby to quickly eliminate unwanted papers.
  3. Use drawer organizers to keep items like paper clips, staples, and rubber bands separate.
  4. Hang a calendar where you can easily see it & write down important dates and deadlines.
  5. Set aside 10 minutes each day to straighten up your workspace so things stay neat.

Are you starting a business in 2020 and need help creating a designated office space? Already have an office but need help getting things organized? The Pretty Neat would love to help you!

We have a few spots left in January for organizing projects. If you would like to book one be sure to schedule your free consultation here.

Looking to create your very own command center? Check out our command center blog post. We share tons of tips on what to include, where to put it, and how to use one.