Decluttering strategies might be on your mind if you’re considering a move, remodeling your home, or simply wanting to get more organized. It’s an essential step in life transitions and bringing order to your life. Simplifying your space by eliminating items you no longer need can streamline your home and help you align with your goals, not to mention help you get organized. 

Why do Decluttering Efforts Often Fall Short?

Decluttering can be difficult for some. It’s hard to get rid of things that you purchased and spent money on, or a gift that someone special gave you (cue the guilt), which are sentimental. But have no fear! We believe you should surround yourself with things that you love and that are meaningful to you, but you also need the space to display these meaningful things. So what’s the answer? Stick around for some tips and tricks to help you tackle your clutter.


The Key Factors for Lasting Results with Decluttering

Here are some top things to consider when it comes to purging thing in your home or and implementing decluttering strategies. 

  • What are your goals? 
  • What do you want your home or space to look like? 
  • Is your home office or another area in your home a source of anxiety and stress?

Stress, anxiety, and overwhelm are all part of the huge trade-off for keeping the clutter around. Really getting to the heart of what is meaningful to you will set you on a path to saying “no” to the clutter and help you get rid of the excess holding you back. 


Practical Decluttering Strategies to Tackle Clutter Once and For All

First, choose a starting point and start small—one drawer, shelf, and room at a time. Then, divide clutter into three categories: keep, trash, or donate. Once you complete a space, place the “keep” items back into the space and discard the trash or donate. 

Consistency over time will add up to really big things and massive changes in your home. When deciding to part with something, consider these questions:

  • Do you use it? 
  • Is it still in good shape? 
  • Does it still fit you or your lifestyle?

Work through each item and be willing to part with what is no longer serving you and is just taking up space.

Reducing what you have and decluttering helps simplify your life and your home. Trust us when we say that a less chaotic and cluttered home is not just about a pretty-looking space but about your well-being and living the life you want. Remember to start small and stay consistent. You got this!

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