I don’t know about you but Christmas seems to come and go faster and faster each year. Now that we are officially in 2021, it’s time to put away those holiday decorations!

Decorations bring the magic of Christmas to life! The holidays wouldn’t be the same without the lights, tinsel, and scent of pine! So while holiday decor helps us experience the magic of the season, taking it all down doesn’t always bring joy! 

To help you get it done, I’ve gathered a few clever storage solutions & organizing tips that we love! 

Holiday Storage Products

  1. Tree Storage

If you have an artificial tree, then getting it back into the original box can feel like a post-holiday workout. 

These solutions can keep your tree looking great, dust-free, and make it easier to put away and store once the festivities are over.

Upright Storage & Storage Bag

2. Ornaments

For ornament storage, these solutions are bound to help you protect your breakable décor, make clean up easy, and allow for the perfect storage solution until you need them again.


Ornament Tray, Storage Tray, and Storage Chest

3. Wreaths

Fragile wreaths of dried berries and twigs could make it another year if they’re stored carefully. Meanwhile, artificial wreaths can stay decorated and fluffy for the following Christmas in one of these amazing solutions!

Wreath Bag & Wreath Box

4. Miscellaneous Decor

For all other décor storage that does not fit into one of these above categories, we love utilizing storage totes. They are great to store just about anything. They keep your items clean and protected even when stored in the attic or garage and are easily labeled so you know exactly what is inside!

Tote Boxes & Garage Totes

5. Wrapping Paper

These different gift wrap solutions are a must to help you stay organized for gift giving all year round. Depending on the space you have and what you need to store, these 3 options are great! They keep your wrapping contained where you can find just what you need for that extra special gift.

Wrap & Tote Organizer, Cylindrical Organizer, & Gift Wrap Center

Holiday Organization Tips

Declutter Every Year

Holiday decorations accumulate quickly! As you are putting away your decorations, consciously decide if you need each thing. Does it still fit your style? Is anything broken? Do you have too much of something? Before you start storing your decorations, take the time to declutter what you have.


There are two ways one can organize their holiday decor. The first is to categorize all like items together—candles, Santas, greenery, etc. 

The second way is to categorize by room if you set up your home the same way every year. This takes the guessing game out of remembering how you decorated the previous year. 

Bonus – if you really love the way you decorated a room, take pictures of the space, print them out, and store them in the same bin with the decorations. That way you will never lose them, and you’ll remember to reference them when the time comes. 

Invest in Proper Storage

The holidays will be back year after year, so make a one-time investment to buy great quality storage like the items above. You will not have to make this investment again for many years, and it will save you time, money, and stress. Plus you will have peace of mind knowing your holiday collectibles are safe and protected! 

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