Did you know that we offer move management services such as unpacking and home set up right here in Oklahoma City, Ok? We can help with decluttering and packing before the move, as well as unpacking and home setup once you are in your new space. Moving can be stressful, and you shouldn’t do it alone. In this blog, we will discuss 5 ways our professional organizers here at Pretty Neat: An Organizational Solution can help you after the move with unpacking services and home setup. 

1. Our Unpacking Services Make Moving a Breeze

If we have heard it once, we have heard it a thousand times; Clients tell us that “moving is overwhelming and stressful”. Once the movers leave you with all the boxes labeled “miscellaneous” scattered throughout the house and you are looking for the kids’ stuffy or the coffee maker, things get real, quick! Cue the professionals. We love helping our clients by removing the time and difficulty of settling them into their new homes. 


2. We Organize Your Belongings with Expert Precision

The unpacking process starts by ensuring the correct boxes are in the correct spaces so we know what needs to fit in each space. Then, we unpack and set up each room for function and overall look. The Pretty Neat team strives to take as much off your plate with unpacking and home set up as you want and remove the stress off of you. Our team can navigate the entire process for you if you wish. 


3. We Focus on Setting Up Essential Areas First

Our team likes to prioritize what you want to be unpacked first, usually the essential areas are best! These include the kitchen, pantry, and bathrooms, so those are in working order, and you can have your coffee. From there, we focus on unpacking the bedrooms and closets so the whole family can feel settled. Of course, we can switch our focus if you have priority spaces that you really want help with.


4. Our Unpacking Services Ensure You Get Settled Quickly

The Pretty Neat team strives to be as efficient as possible while providing excellent service. We want to settle you into your new home quickly so you can return to life as normal. We also want your space to function well for your family. During the organization process, we learn how your family lives, what you use most often, and how you want things done. We even do a walk-through of each space as the rooms come together to see what changes need to be made to suit your needs.  


5. Our Unpacking Services See the Job Through to Completion

Before we wrap up a move management session, we break down the boxes, discuss the next steps, and familiarize you with your new, organized spaces. We will even handle last-minute item and clothing donations you don’t need in your new home. We are here every step of the way and can even come back for maintenance to keep your home organized.

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If you’re ready for a move that feels effortless and easy, we would be honored to help. Reach out, and let’s chat about your upcoming transition and move management needs in Oklahoma City, Ok!

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