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How can Pro Organizers help to get your home ready to sell?

Our team here at Pretty Neat loves to work with Realtors and Clients who are needing to sell their homes.  Professional organizers can help in many ways with the preparation of getting a home ready to sell.  Working with us can make the process of selling a home much easier and less stressful. Here are some of the ways we can help! 

  • Pro Organizers can help with everything from decluttering to downsizing to a smaller home; packing/unpacking before or after moving; and getting your home looking nice, organized, and ready to sell. 
  • Many buyers cannot see the potential for a space. Having an organized home helps your home appear cleaner, bigger, and more attractive to those looking at your home.  
  • Statistically speaking, an organized home usually sells faster and for more money.  
  • An organized home shows others you took care of your home and this really grabs attention! 
  • As an added bonus, getting organized before your movehelps to make packing, unpacking, and moving much easier and more efficient once your  home is sold.  
  •  Here are two examples of how our team has helped Client’s sell their homes in the past: 
  1.  We worked side by side with the Realtor to quickly get the home organized and staged. The buyer needed a quick turnaround to list the home. This was a great experience where we got the house ready in a day for the cleaners and the photographers to come the next. The home was listed and sold quickly.  
  2. We were hired by a client who did not have the physical capabilities to lift, pack, or move things. We worked with her for several sessions to get her home organized and ready to sell. This allowed the Realtor to focus on other things vs spending her time getting the home ready. 

 Here is an article published in the Washington Post on this topic of organizing your home before you list it.  


 We hope these ideas were helpful and  gave you  insight. We know selling a home can be a lot of work. We are here to help!  


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