Happy 2023! Every time the calendar flips from one year to the next, millions of people make resolutions. Among the most common are to get healthy by going to the gym, eating better, or quitting smoking. Others want to pay off debt and save money.  All of these are great resolutions to make, but how about adding some that will help you get your home in order?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed in your space? Maybe your countertops are always covered or your children,s toys are all over the floor. Perhaps your closets are bursting at the seams and your pantry has expired food from years ago. Regardless, of your current situation, it’s never too late to start introducing small organizing habits and organizing resolutions into your daily routine to improve your overall life.

5 Organizing Resolutions For 2023

Get Organized By Putting Things Back

How often do you take your hairbrush out of the drawer and leave it laying on the bathroom counter instead of putting it away? Or how many times does the cereal container get left sitting on the kitchen counter because someone didn’t put it away when they were done using it?

This might not seem like a big deal. You’ll get to putting your things away eventually, right? The bigger point is that if you start making it a habit, or goal, to put things away when you are done using them, you will significantly cut down on how cluttered your space feels, as well as save time on cleaning up.

One in, One Out Rule

Have you heard the saying what goes up, must come down? Well think of this, what comes in, must go out. Let me explain. It’s not uncommon to have multiple coffee mugs or drink containers. But if you find your kitchen cabinets are getting crowded, it might be time to implement the one in one out rule. If you want to bring in a new coffee mug or drink container, you must choose to part with another.

This rule can apply to many areas of your home. The closet is a great place to start as well. Buying a new pair of shoes? Great, just be sure that a pair that is already in your closet gets donated or tossed depending on the condition. The one in one out rule isn’t meant to prevent you from buying new things that you want or need. But it is a great tool to help you from letting your spaces get too overcrowded.

Ditch the Duplicates

I promise you that you don’t need 4 can openers. You also don’t need 5 hair straighteners. Having a backup of a product that you love and use a lot is a great idea, but keeping duplicate items takes up valuable space in your home. If the items are in good condition, consider donating them instead so you can free up space.

Go Digital

Paper can be a HUGE contributor to clutter. Piles on tables, desks, and countertops are difficult to manage and to find what you need. While there will be important papers you will want to keep, consider digitizing other documents and storing them on your computer. You can even sign up for paperless billing for many of your household items and utilities.

Tip: If you find you have a lot of paper cluttering your space, utilize a file folder box to store items upright and keep everything categorized.

Check Expirations

Even if you aren’t ready to organize your entire home, make it a habit to go through items each month and get rid of things that might be expired. This will keep your pantry, refrigerator, and even your medicine cabinet clutter free and help you know when things are running low.

Don’t forget to also go through your makeup and skincare products. Most makeup is only good for about 6 to 12 months before you risk the items going bad. You won’t believe how much space you will keep open by doing this on a regular basis.

Get Organized by a Professional

While the tips I share above are great ways to slowly introduce more order and calm into your home, I realize not everyone has the time, energy, or desire to do this – and that’s ok! Regardless, you are worthy of a home and space that makes you feel at peace; a simplified space!

If you need help getting your home in order and clearing out the clutter, Pretty Neat can help. Contact us today or schedule a complimentary consultation. Choosing the correct professional organizer can get you on the right path.

Here’s wishing you the best 2023 possible with many organizing resolutions in your future!

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