Your home doesn’t come with an instruction manual on how to organize it; therefore, it can be a challenge. Also, your home isn’t just “your” space. You often have a spouse, kids, or other family member’s things to deal with. When it comes to organizing and the function of your space, things aren’t always as simple as they seem. A whole lot more is involved than just moving items around your space. 

In this blog, I’ll share some of the most common organizing mistakes I see clients make. Sometimes learning “how not” to organize can be just as helpful, as the “how to”. Let’s dive in! 

6 Organizing Mistakes to Avoid

Buying Organizing Supplies Before Editing

It is so tempting to go to The Container Store or Target and buy all the cute organizing bins, turntables, and storage solutions. However, you won’t know what bins and baskets you need until you know what specific items you need to store. Sorting and grouping “like” items together before deciding what containers you need is helpful. 

Tip: Knowing the measurements of your shelves is helpful before buying bins. 

Not Decluttering 

As I mentioned above, organizing is more than just moving items around the room so they look better. To truly be able to organize your home, you need to let go of some items you don’t need or use, to make room for the ones that you do. Decluttering is an important part of the organizing process and we suggest, after sorting your items, that this is the best next step. After decluttering, you will know exactly what needs to be stored and what space you have to use.

Tip: If you struggle to let things go, start with items in which you have multiples of. You don’t need 3 hair straighteners or 5 crockpots. Edit out the things that you don’t use, don’t love, and don’t need. This will create space for the things you enjoy and use the most. 

Biting off More Than you Can Chew

When you are ready to get organized and you are doing it on your own – don’t start too big. It’s easy to get over-ambitious and try to tackle everything at once, but that’s a sure way to get overwhelmed. Start small. For instance, if your closet is a trouble area that needs to be organized, don’t try to do it all at once. Start with the shoes and work your way around the closet gradually. Inventory what you have, decide what is broken, no longer fits, hurts your feet, or you just don’t wear. Then you can organize what is left. This way you don’t get overwhelmed; you can build up momentum and confidence to go on to the next area. 

Tip: Baby steps add up to BIG things! Consistency is key.

Trying to be “Pinterest Perfect” 

Pinterest and Instagram are great places to get inspiration from but it can be easy to fall prey to trying to make your items and space look just like the picture. Organizing is personal and will only work if you organize your items and space in a way that functions well for you. There is nothing wrong with using these platforms to get ideas, but don’t try to make things an exact replica. In the end, the systems need to work for your everyday life. 

Tip: Function is far more important than perfection!

Storing Heavy Items Too High

Heavy or large items should always be stored on lower shelves. Heavy items can be bulky and hard to manage and the last thing you want is that heavy item falling on your head from a high shelf. 

Tip: Make space on lower shelves and cabinets to store those heavier items. 

Not Using Labels

It might sound silly, but labels are a must. This is especially true when using storage containers that you can’t see inside of. Labels act as a sort of insurance policy to help remind the whole family exactly where items are located and where they need to put things when they are done using them. 

Tip: Labels don’t have to be fancy, even tape will do. You can upgrade over time. 

Need Organizing Help?

Need a hand getting your home organized? Our team of organizers can help you declutter, organize, and maintain your home. Contact us today to book a free consultation and learn how we can help! 

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