So many people have the goal of getting organized. Whether they tackle their clutter on their own or hire a professional, getting organized can feel like a major achievement. But then something happens… Life. All of that hard work goes right out the window after a few busy days, kids, and full-time jobs. 

You organized everything, but now how do you actually STAY organized? This is one of the top questions clients ask me. “How do I keep my space looking like this?” It’s a valid concern after all. You’ve invested either time or money to get everything organized and you want the fruits of your labor to last. That’s why it is so important that systems are in place to aid you. That way when things get messy again, which let’s be honest, they will, it’s easy to get back on track.

Here are 5 simple ways to help you stay organized.

  1. Use it & put it back

When something is used, put it back right away. It can be so tempting to leave the toothpaste on the sink or leave that dirty dish on the counter, but just take a few extra seconds to put that item back in its home. Those few extra seconds of just putting stuff away will save you hours in the long run. 

  1. Label, Label, Label

It sounds silly, but label everything! I do mean everything. It not only holds you accountable to keep things in their designated place, but it helps the whole family to do the same. Using labels takes the thinking out of tidying up because you know the exact place where things belong. 

  1. Color Code

Just like labeling, it might sound juvenile, but color-coding really makes a big difference especially when it comes to your closet. Overall, closets can be some of the most cluttered spaces. When things are sorted by color, getting dressed is easier and more fun. Plus, when it comes time to hang clothes back up, it makes it super simple to know where the pieces go. 

  1. Don’t overbuy

This one can be a bit more challenging. It’s easy when we are shopping to drop items in our bag that we like. It looks cute, it’s not that expensive… but sometimes it’s easy to overbuy without being aware we are even doing it. This means we end up with more stuff in our home than space. 

As you shop, be mindful of impulse buying. Think of these questions…Is it something you really need? Is it something you already have? Where will you put it when you get it back home? This certainly doesn’t apply to the necessities like groceries. I’m talking about that 5th pair of flip-flops in the color you don’t have. The best way to combat overbuying is to create a plan even before you shop. Take a look around your cabinets, closets, and drawers, and make sure you don’t already have the item you are about to shop for. 

  1. Weekly reset

Schedule time each week to conduct a weekly reset. Usually, this is on Sunday so that you can start the week fresh, but choose a day that works for you. Set aside an allotted time of 30 to 60 minutes to tackle tasks that will set you up for success in the week to come.

Here are some tasks to consider adding to your reset each week:

  • Laundry 
  • Put items back in their homes
  • Clear off the counters
  • Grocery shop/meal prep
  • Write out your schedule for the week (include appointments, meetings, etc.)
  • Fill up car with gas

Staying Organized is a Habit

While getting organized is a choice to make, staying organized becomes a habit. These 5 simple tips I mentioned above can quickly become habits if you stick to them. Repeated enough times, it will become second nature. 

If you are ready to create systems in your home and life to get and STAY organized contact Pretty Neat today. We love helping clients gain control over their spaces and helping them to gain back hours in their day so they can do what they love most. 

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