It’s hard to believe that Christmas is practically here. If you have children, especially young kiddos, this time of year can be so much fun as you get to witness their excitement and joy. However, it can also be a time of great overwhelm. And I’m not just talking about all the shopping, decorating, and cooking you have to do.

I’m talking about what to do with all the gifts your children will be receiving. Many of my clients often tell me the number of toys and gifts their children receive around the holidays is A LOT! While it’s so much fun watching them open their gifts and get excited to play with their toys, it can also be really overwhelming to try and figure out what to do with everything.

Obviously, the intentions behind the gifts are pure, but too many gifts lead to less space, more clutter, and way more clean-up time. Talking to your loved ones about gift expectations ahead of time can help. Buying experiences vs physical gifts, buying quality over quantity, and knowing the needs and wants of the child ahead of time can help. Below are some other ideas to prep your children and their space for Christmas, as well as ways to manage all the holiday gifts.

4 Ways to Prep Kids’ Toys Before the Holidays

Make Decluttering a Positive Experience

The best way to prep for new gifts and toys is to declutter what they already have. Now, the key to decluttering kids’ toys is to make it a positive experience. Instead of saying “Hey, we need to get rid of a bunch of your toys,” you can say something like, “we need to make room for all the new toys you are going to be getting for Christmas”.

Another great way to make this task a much more positive experience is to grab a bag (bonus if you can find one that looks like Santa’s gift bag) and tell your kids they have a chance to give the toys that they no longer play with to other children that might not have an opportunity to get gifts. This way the kids don’t think of their toys as being tossed away but see it as gifting their toys to other kids.

Leave it at the Grandparent's House

Grandparents mean well when they buy gifts for their grandchildren, but the number of toys gifted can be excessive. Instead of bringing everything home, suggest leaving a few toys at their home instead. This way your children will have something to play with while they visit, and that means less stuff in your home and fewer items you have to lug around when you bring your children over to their grandparent's house.

Re-Gift It

Regifting tends to get a bad reputation, but better to regift than let that item take up valuable real estate in your home. If your child was gifted a toy that is out of their age range, a duplicate of something they already have, or just a gift they are not interested in - regift it to a child that will enjoy it. I always recommend leaving the toy in the original box. If you need any ideas on local charities that could use toys for the holidays you can check out this blog here.

Store it for a Rainy Day

For the days when it seems like nothing is keeping your child’s attention, break out a “new” toy. When there are too many options for what to play with it can be overwhelming and result in just not choosing anything at all. You know… decision fatigue. Children are just as prone as we are.

Instead, pack away a portion of their toys and rotate through their items. This way they never get bored of playing with the same items over and over again.

Need Help Decluttering Toys?

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